Treat Cyber risk as a science, not a dark art

As I write this piece I find myself in the midst of thousands of colleagues. Literally thousands of people who every year go on what I consider a Cyber pilgrimage. I have secluded myself for a moment in a nearby Starbucks, earplugs in I go to my favorite Spotify playlist so I can concentrate a bit better (Foo Fighters mixed with Bruce Springsteen and Radiohead). I briefly FaceTime with my kids before I go offline to hopefully write down some of the thoughts that have been racing through my mind. Looking out the window I see “handlers” everywhere, folks that hold up a sign that says “line starts here”. People everywhere. Buses passing by with advertising on it saying that you’ve already been hacked and that you should automate incident response. No kidding! Chaos in the streets of San Francisco! I love it!